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LAKES RANCH IS NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC - within the Level 1 Guidelines!



Lakes Ranch has the following Covid-19 responses in place:


Level 1:

  • Good hygiene practices are used and using cough etiquette is essential.  Following guidelines, avoid touching your face unless you have just washed your hands.
  • Hand sanitiser is provided in most areas – please use.
  • Wash hands regularly for at least 20 seconds.
  • If you or any family member, or person you live with is unwell with flu-like symptoms do not come to Lakes Ranch.
  • Please follow and comply with all Ministry of Health recommendations.


Level 2:

  • All restrictions from previous levels apply.
  • Please follow and comply with all Ministry of Health recommendations.
  • Limit travel around NZ for all staff and volunteers.
  • All people who are at risk should remain at home.


Level 3:

  • All restrictions from previous levels apply.
  • Lakes Ranch is closed to the public.
  • Only staff are allowed on site (except essential services)
  • All possible staff to be working from home.
  • No family members or friends of staff living off site are allowed onsite.
  • Information placed on website.


Level 4:

  • Camp is in lock down.
  • The full closure of Lakes Ranch is in place until the Manager informs otherwise.
  • Only staff who live onsite are allowed onsite.
  • Onsite staff and volunteers are to remain onsite unless essential travel is required.
  • Information placed on website.

Please refer to the Ministry of Health website or the covid-19 website provided by the Government for further information.


About Lakes Ranch

Lakes Ranch is located on a beautiful property with an extensive range of activities, thermal hot pools, lakes native bush, equestrian centre and the beautiful 52 hectares property at Titkitere, just 15km from central Rotorua.

We offer a variety of accommodation, all-weather facilities with our equestrian indoor arena that doubles as an event centre.  Lakes, natural bush, thermally heated hot pools, a vast array of outdoor and indoor activities for a wide range of groups.  This is a great place to be challenged or simply relax.

Lakes Ranch is an ideal venue for school groups, sports training, outdoor recreation/education, tenting or church groups.  As well as hosting the annual Tough Guy and Girl Challenge we run a variety of programmes which include:

Lakes Ranch is a Smokefree site. This means that anyone wanting to smoke will need to leave the property to do so. As guided by the New Zealand Smokefree Law. Lakes Ranch endeavours to:

  • Protect all workers and the public from second hand smoke
  • Reduce the harm caused to individuals by their smoking
  • Further restrict minors (under 18) to smoking products
  • Limit negative influences on young people 
  • Promote a smokefree (auahi kore) lifestyle as the norm


Kids Camp 27 Sep to 2 Oct

Please read information on registration.



02 to 04 October 2020

7 to 11years old



04 to 09 October 2020

12 to16 years old





Contact details:

 Address: 79 Lake Rotokawau Road, Tikitere, RD4, Rotorua | Phone:  07 350 3010 | Email: office@lakesranch.org.nz

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